Our Sending Church

Our Vision

To make Jesus known across Latin America and raise devout followers of Jesus Christ that will transform the world. Our vision is to raise people, who are thoroughly equipped with the word and the power of God and are ready to make a positive impact by taking Jesus across the city and to the corners of the earth—satisfying the expectations of men, which is the manifestation of the sons of God.

We want to make the world experience a significant transformation by unleashing those empowered in Jesus Christ using the light we have received from Jesus Christ to eradicate darkness and bring light into it.

We will raise Christians who will shine their lights and transform the world through preaching the gospel and doing good deeds locally or globally.

Jesus Christ says, “Go ye into the world and preach the gospel to all creatures.” Mark 16:15 KJV.

Our Mission

Our mission has never been carnally established but divine. Jesus has commissioned us to make him disciples that will hold on to his principles. We are on a mission to make this possible through preaching the good news, the news of salvation through Jesus Christ. We have also been called to this mission to make ourselves available to help communities, teach people the word of God, and groom them in the way of Christ: the way of holiness.

We are also on a mission to introduce the gospel of Christ to every community in a way that people, including the unbelievers, will accept to follow Christ. One thing that we have observed and is now evident to us in this mission journey is that the leading cause of people going into sin today is the lack of a helping hand. A situation that gives a sense of hopelessness leads people into terrible actions that lead to sin. The circumstances many people are in have stolen them away, and they are lost. Our mission is to use our light, which we have in Christ, to find these people and bring them to Christ.

The dreadful situation of this world has pushed many into the pit of sin. People who need help are out there looking and hoping help will come. People are out there crying for help, and it seems no support is coming for them. It is a terrible thing to cry for help, and no one hears your cry. We want to tell people that God loves them and He hears their cries. We are all out to inform people that God cares for them and will help solve their problems. We want to make people stop doing terrible things because they couldn’t get anyone to comfort them with words of peace. The world will NOT change if the number of people in this situation keeps increasing.

If we want to take the world for Christ, then we must make ourselves available in all ways. We must be ready to feed people with the word of God and feed those that are hungry with food physically. Christ has commissioned us to do this, and we will never allow the sin of omission to get us. We have embarked on this mission to make disciples for Christ. We have embarked on this journey to transform people and change the world.

Jesus has anointed us with the Holy Spirit and power to go on this mission to preach the gospel, set the captives free, bring peace to those who are in trouble, heal the broken-hearted, and do good deeds.